A New Kindle?

If the rumors are true a new Kindle could be released in August. According to reports from Bloomberg News, a thinner Kindle with sharper picture quality could be in the offing. However, the report did not name the source of the news.

The device will not set the world alight in the same way the iPad has done. Instead it is supposed to focus on having a sharp display and being more responsive to the user’s needs. Basically this means that there is no touch screen or color display. The move is prudent in several ways; first of all it does address the threat posed by the Apple iPad which is rapidly eating into Amazon’s market. Next, it also does not try to be something it isn’t, at least not in a hurry. According to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, some new technology has been developed but has not been perfected yet. This could be why Amazon has not yet gone for a color reflective screen.

However, next year’s models could be vastly different. Along with a color reflective screen, the device could have touch screen technology included. It was reported in February that a company called Touchco had been purchased by Amazon. Touchco is a startup based in New York and involved with flexible multi-touch panels. This means that by next year, the Kindle could be a very fascinating device.
But all that is just conjecture. For now, Amazon appears to be concentrating on holding onto its base by giving its users what they need – a good reading device.