All You Should Know About Spy Cameras

A Spy camera is a very useful tool in confirming fears of mischief going on be it at work, home or any other place. These cameras are usually small and hard to detect to the untrained eye. They come in all kinds of sophistication and pricing. A spy camera will usually be disguised in some other implement for example a wall clock, light switch, the TV, Radio, teddy bear, air purifier and a lot of other gadgets. The range of items in which a spy camera can be hidden is only limited by imagination.

Spy cameras differ in some key points namely; color and storage capability. Some are wired and others are wireless. It is possible to get a color spy camera but those of an earlier age were mainly in black and white. The resolution of the images is also differs from camera to camera. The amount of storage space is probably what differentiates spy camera prices. Some cameras can store several days’ worth of video while some can record only a few hours. The mode of storage also differs. Some modern cameras have data cards while some go along with the traditional digital video recorder.

While choosing spy cameras for home use, all the above points should be in mind. While going for a camera worth $600 might seem a bit excessive, it is important to have the correct mix of the different aspects so as to have quality images. After all, it is your home you really need to protect.