CES 2013 Review: Liquipel, Waterproof your Cell Phone


Accidents happen, especially accidents like dropping your phone in water. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re waiting for that magical layer of protection that keeps your precious cell phone from getting destroyed by water, wine, or other liquids. Luckily, this incredible waterproof technology has arrived, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brought it straight to our doors.


Developed by a company based in southern California, Liquipel is a microscopic coating designed to protect your electronic devices from water damage. It’s not a case or anything you can see with your eyes. It’s sort of like an invisible shield that protects every part of your smart phone, without taking away from the “look, feel, or performance,” of the device, according to the company.


To make your phone water safe, Liquipel offers three levels of protection. The first level keeps it from getting destroyed by light liquid contact, such as accidental spills and splatters. The second level offers moderate protection from accidents such as a splash of water by the pool, or a brief drop in the toilet. The final and heaviest level of protection keeps your phone safe in the event of serious liquid contact, such as heavy rainfall or a surprise push into a pool.


This water safe technology is available for nearly every type of smart phone. It’s also available for MP3 players and tablets. So if you want to talk in the rain without worrying about destroying your phone, Liquipel is the answer.