CES 2013 Review: VelocityClip, A Smartphone and Camera Action Mount

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month featured many gadgets developed for smart phones, but none quite like the VelocityClip, a universal point-of-view (POV) camera system.

Ready to be shipped in March of this year, the Velocity Clip is a strap designed for your smart phone or compact digital camera that allows you to snap the device to your head, chest, or a hard surface. According to the manufacturer, it creates a professional POV camera with the ability to shoot film from various angles, but without the high price tag. The head mount is $19.99, the chest mount is $29.99, and the gear attachment goes for $34.99.

The Velocity Clip makes it possible for you to shoot video footage anywhere you want to go, without using your hands. Whether you mount it on your head, chest, or on a hard surface like a boat or the car dashboard, the VelocityClip fits securely on the surface of your choice and footage is instantly uploaded to your smart phone. Take it skydiving, cliff jumping, or mountain biking if you want to, and share the video right away.

And you don’t have to worry about losing your phone or compact digital camera. The straps are made of reinforced nylon, the same durable material used to hold backpackers from falling off cliffs. In other words, it’s tough, and can support up to 100 pounds for long periods of time.

The Velocity Clip is also extremely flexible. It can be attached to a wide angle lens, fish eye lens, or color lens.

Velocity Clip is accepting pre-orders now through its website.