CES Report: Netflix to add button on remote controls

CES which started today in Vegas is the biggest Consumer Electronics show. While you might expect that this year 3d TV’s or 4G phones would be the biggest news, it is actually something else. Netflix announced that they have partnered with several TV makers to include a button to Netflix from their remote controls. The button will allow instant access to Netflix’s streamining content. The companies include 3 of the biggest TV makers, Sony, Sharp and Toshiba. All 3 companies will add the buttons to their internet capable TV and DVD devices.

Netflix also has a long list of Blu-ray disc player manufacturers intending to use the one-click access button such as Panasonic, Haier, Toshiba, Sharp, Memorex, Samsung and Sony.

While some will have the Netflix brand on the button, some others have opted to only place a red button. Presumably, the red button might be programmer by the user to make it link to something else.