Choosing a good corporate antivirus solution

anextekVirus outbreaks are no longer as frequent as they used to be. This is mostly due to the growth of malware, trojans and zombies. There is profit to be made from making these and as a result an Antivirus system has to work harder than ever to combat these threats. A good antivirus system for a corporate or small business environment should have the following features:

Multi Platform Support

Organizations no longer limit the use of Mac computers, especially with the popularity of BYOD when it comes to the computer. A good solution should have support for PC, Mac and even smartphones if possible. Smartphones, especially Android phones can be a vector for a work into a network.

Cloud Based

The days of installing a server within your organization to centrally manage antivirus clients are long gone. Any modern system should have be centrally managed from the cloud. The clients on each PC should communicate directly for both status and definition updates.

Multi Threat Support

Malware, Trojans and Zombies are just some of the latest threats to networks. While certain threats cant be detected initially, some like zombies have behavior which can be detected when in operation.

Quick Actions

Centrally managed antivirus solutions should be able to notify and act on any threat. If a trojan or ransomware attack is detected, all file shares should be automatically disabled.

Wherever possible look for as many of these features as possible. You can then make your decision based on how much you prioritize some features over others.