“Facebook” Is Most Searched For Term on Google

Article submitted by iClimber Social Media Blog

In 2011, like it’s been the case for the last three years, “Facebook” was the most searched for term on Google’s famed search engine. The news came by way of Experian Hitwise. According to the same people, “Facebook” made up a whopping 3.1 percent of searches. In the Top Ten searches, besides “Facebook,” there were also the Facebook permutations like “facebook.com,” and “www.facebook.com,” and “facebook login.”

That sound is a big Ouch! from Google, because Facebook not only outranks them in the social sphere, but Facebook’s success is being rubbed in their noses, in the words people are typing into their wonderful search engine. Of course, it could also be viewed as an back-handed compliment because the search queries demonstrate that Google’s engine has become an alternate URL bar.

If you watch television, the top “public figure” searches should come as no surprise. They included Justin Bieber, Casey Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Selena Gomez.