Facebook to enhance My Profile page

Starting Monday, Facebook will be bringing out a revamped version of users’ profile page. The major change will reflect integrated information that’s currently spread and scattered on several pages, namely photo albums, wall, and other sections of a user’s Facebook account. Viewers of 60 Minutes shall be able to preview the upcoming change on Sunday evening. The main aim of Facebook developers is to put together what’s currently information that’s broken up into several pages into one sleek window that packs personal details and activities together.

On the top fold of a user’s profile page, there will be a “bio” section that gives a quick glance of what to expect from a user, while a larger photograph space highlights images that have been recently posted by users as well as photos wherein the user has been tagged in by friends. Another feature, which is more of an expansion of an earlier enhancement introduced back in late October, presents detailed history of exchanges between a user and his or her Facebook friends such as comments and events attended together.

The said enhancements are scheduled to be implemented and should be felt by all Facebook users by early 2011. The company announced their schedule of implementation using a blog post on Sunday, wherein Facebook officials described in a few details what users should be able to expect with the upcoming changes. For Facebook users who do not wish to prolong waiting before the set execution, they can go directly to the profile page and choose to upgrade their account with the new enhancements.