How to Enable or Disable Emergency Alerts

Your smartphone has emergency alerts that can come in handy when the need arises. Apart from not-so-critical information, these alerts can give you warnings about natural disasters, AMBER alerts, dangerous weather conditions or even the news.

Android, for that matter, has a number of options that you can use at your disposal in regard to alerts.

For this, go to the Settings app and open it to tap More which is under the Wireless & Networks heading. After this, scroll down to the bottom and select Cell broadcasts.

One of the options added are ‘Display alerts to extreme threats to life and property’ as well as AMBER alerts. All you have to do is toggle the settings to on or off.

If you want to alter the duration of the alert sound, then tap alert sound duration and then pick how long you’d like the alert sound to last for.

You can pick alerts sounds that range from 2 to 10 seconds in two-second intervals. Now just in case you’ve missed the initial reminder, you can tap Alert reminder and pick your preferred settings.

As for the news option, it’s good to have this feature turned on as well and that’s even if you are in touch with the latest news. There are two reasons why it’s a good idea to keep this feature turned on: these alerts aren’t too frequent.

Yet the best part is that they usually reach you much faster than the news that is offered by media outlets. Ultimately, these options are available if you need or want them.