How to Launch an Android App for Your Business

android-sdk-landscape-logoA business that wants to launch an application for the Android platform must find reliable developers who are familiar with a variety of computer programming languages. Apps for the Android operating system are almost entirely written in a syntax that is known as Java. Therefore, it’s important to find an IT firm that holds the appropriate certification in this specific source code as well as others such as HTML and CSS. Android app development is usually done via the Android Software Development Kit.

Most smartphones and tablets that run on Android are typically loaded with Google features. A custom Android app should work smoothly with Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail and other popular utilities by the world’s leading search engine. It’s surely a great idea to publish an Android app that allows users to access location-based information that is generated by Google and other popular services. App development Los Angeles solutions can list the name and contact information of a business on Google Maps and other online directions like Yelp and Yellow Pages.

Mobile app developers Los Angeles should be familiar with all of the versions of the Android operating system. Ideally, a business wants its apps to be compatible with early editions of this mobile platform such as Gingerbread and Donut. Additionally, it’s important for Android apps to be routinely updated in order to keep up with improvements in the latest edition of this operating system. App developers commonly add bug fixes and other upgrades into Android apps that are readily available for download on Google Play.

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