Implementing an emergency operations center

Disasters have a habit of striking at unexpected moments. If you don’t get on top of them quickly, they can soon overwhelm you and leave you helpless. This is why proper disaster management planning and an emergency operations center are vital to battle any disaster.

The key to any successful operation is in the planning. Although there is no way to know the exact extent of the damage or the severity of disaster beforehand, it is possible to anticipate it. For example, through historical data you will be able to determine which areas of your country are prone to flooding. You will also know the general periods when this occurs. So going by the historical data, you will be able to determine the manpower and other resources that are needed to handle such a situation.

A big component in handling a disaster is the emergency operations center. This is the brain or the hub of the whole disaster management operation. The thinkers and the analyzers will all be based here hovering over a computer workstation desk or staring at the giant video walls. The EOC must be designed so that it can deliver information to and from central command. In other words its communications capability must be impeccable and audio visual integration must be top notch as well.

There are quite a few professional vendors who will be able to help you out and advise you one the direction to be taken and the equipment to be bought. Surf the net and look for a reputable one before you decide to make any purchase.