Improve conversion rates with these checkout page strategies

2Written by Secure Net Shop

Many e-commerce vendors have to deal with high website shopping cart abandonment and drops in conversion rates all the time. What some don’t realize is with a few changes, conversion rates can be increased. All that needs to be done is provide the customer with all the information they need to make their purchase.

Visual indicator – Many online shopping sites find that multiple page checkouts perform significantly worse than single page checkouts. Unfortunately fitting all of that information on one page can also lead to issues if there is a lot of information. The best way to deal with that is to have some form of visual indicator in a multi page checkout to show the user where they are in the process.

Seals and Logos – Include the logos and seals of all the payment processors and credit cards you process. This shows the customer that this is a safe and secure shopping cart solution

Return to Shopping – Use ecommerce cart software that supports going to back to shopping from mid checkout. There is nothing worse than remembering something mid checkout and realizing later that you lose the previous items in the cart if you go back.


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