Installation Tips for Your Marine Exhaustion Manifolds

Everyone looks for boat engines with the best marine exhaust manifolds. Not only can they look great on your boat, they can provide a superior service that will keep your prized vessel running strong for years to come. Of course, in order to take advantage of this, you need to take proper care of your manifolds. This begins with their initial installation.

Before installing your marine exhaust manifolds, be sure they’re properly cleaned. Even if they just came out of the box, make sure they are clear of any debris that could cause problems later.

Next, wipe the gaskets down and keep them that way; this installation is going to be dry, meaning no lubricants or sealers unless your user manual explicitly says so. With that in mind, always follow the manufacturer’s directions, if for no other reason than you could miss out on the warranty if you get creative. Also, don’t over tighten fittings or plugs. They should provide a firm grip, but not so tight you’d have trouble getting them undone.

When your installation is complete, reset the torque while all the parts are still temperate. Let the machine sit and inspect for any complications or errors you may have missed. Re-read the final instructions one last time to confirm there’s no step you’re missing. Then go enjoy your new marine exhaust manifolds.