Japan Embraces Wi-Fi Vending Machines

Japan is known for having unique and tech-forward vending machines, from machines that sell live crabs to advanced units with facial recognition technology and a full HD display. To continue with the innovation, a Tokyo-based beverage company just unveiled its latest vending machine: one that offers soft drinks along with a side of Wi-Fi signals within a 50m radius.

TechCrunch.com reports that Asahi Soft Drinks has developed a unique vending machine that offers free Wi-Fi accessibility, with multiple devices, to anyone who walks by. This means that users don’t have to purchase a soft drink to go online. The vending machine allows users to access the web for nearly 30 minutes. After the machine disconnects the Wi-Fi, users can re-connect once again after logging in.

Asahi plans to install 1,000 of these vending machines throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Chubu, Sendai, Kinki, and Fukuoka, in the first year. The company will then set up nearly 10,000 more in the next five years.