Learn how a portable air conditioner works

Unlike the window air conditioners, portable air conditioners function quite differently. A portable air conditioner does not require any installation.

A portable air conditioner works on the principle of using the air inside the room rather than sucking air from outside.


When warm and humid air is pulled in by the system, the mechanism to separate both of them causes the air to convert into water. Water is the agent which is causing the cooling in this amazing process. The water obtained from the air is collected in a tray at the base of the portable air conditioner. Then, the water is sprayed onto the hot condenser coils by a powerful turbine fan. This process results in the evaporation of water due to the extreme heat of the coil.

The heated vapors are transferred outside the machine via a hose connected to the window. Cool air being the end result of the process is circulated throughout the room and this process is repeated to maintain a stable temperature throughout the area of coverage.

A portable a/c is not limited to home use. There are applications that involve industrial cooling where certain sections can be air conditioned separately and on demand.