The Better 3D TV from LG

Thanks to James Cameron and “Avatar”, 3D has made a comeback that no one thought was possible. The spate of 3D movies doesn’t look like it is going to stop and the euphoria has spilled onto TV screens as well. Several companies have and are in the process of releasing various versions of 3D TV’s. But the first standout unit is definitely going to be the LX9500 from LG.

The LG TV is going to be the world’s first with 3D, HD and an LED backlit LCD screen. This screen is the reason that LG will have a winner on its hands. This model also boasts 3D, HDMI, USB 2.0 and integrated Skype software as other features and with a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio coupled with TruMotion 400Hz (480Hz) the picture quality can only be stunning.

The LG unit also comes with 3D glasses which, consumers will be glad to know, are USB powered. This means that you will no longer have to hunt for batteries or any such thing. Just hook up the glasses to the TV when you are done watching and they will start charging. According to reports, the 3D glasses have a battery life of 40 hours on a full charge and employ the shutter glass technique to give the best possible 3D viewing.

The LX9500 also has another nifty feature, it supports Multi Picture Format. So if happen to own a 3D camera, you don’t have to put the video onto your computer to convert it before watching. You can plug it directly into your TV and watch the footage just like you would with any other camcorder. The LX9500 is expected to hit stores in the U.S. in May.