Mark Zuckerberg’s “Billy” Bison Now on Display

Earlier in the year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shot and killed a gigantic bison. The wild hunt became necessary, it seems, because Zuckerberg wanted to remain faithful to his “personal challenge” to eat nothing but what he has killed himself. It’s believed that in order to accomplish the difficult task, he was required to take out a hunting license and that he shoot a big gun. He went on to make bison burgers out of the felled beast’s flesh. A personal Facebook picture of Mark’s that appeared at this year’s f8 conference was tagged “Bison Burgers.”

But, since Zuckerberg has not commented directly on the shooting, the giveaway evidence of the fatal event (for the Bison) is a picture of a mounted Bison head a wall of the conference room at Facebook’s old home in Palo Alto, California. Said conference room was used by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO. The Bison head, which is endearingly — or not — called “Billy,” will be moved to the new Facebook offices in Menlo Park, CA.