Mobile, Web And App Testing Tools

In today’s world, everyone has a mobile phone. More people use mobile phones to handle their business, play games and get their news than even computers. If you are a company that develops mobile applications, you are in big business. It is a lucrative field with a huge market that consistently keeps growing. The demand for mobile apps is high, with consumers expecting more and more from their mobile phones than ever.

For businesses to be successful at building top of the line applications, mobile application testing is going to be a priority. Developers need to keep up with the high demands and trends, with usable applications that work on all mobile phone brands. This is a developer’s biggest challenge. Each mobile phone brand has its own set of operating systems and differences, making mobile application testing crucial. If your company plans to do their own testing, there are a number of free load testing tools you can use. These tools should be useful at testing the most popular mobile phones out there. If you are the owner of a website, some of them can also be used to ensure that your site is also mobile friendly.

There are two testing applications for iPhone. iPhoney and is a web browser simulator for quick testing of your iPhone applications. iPhoney is designed for web developers who are creating websites for use with iPhone. iPhoney will only run on MAC OS 10.4.7 or later.

The Blackberry load testing tools comes in a wide variety of simulators that emulate the functionality of their products. With these simulators, you can see how your application will work with their keyboard, screen, and track wheel.

The Android SDK mimics the software and hardware of their typical mobile phones. This emulator will allow you to test your applications while the phone is running any other applications. You can use you own mouse and keyboard to act out the functions of your application.


iPad Peek will help you to see how your website will look and function on an iPad. The keyboard and mouse on the Peek are just for show but you can still use the reload button and switch the view from portrait to landscape.

WinWap Smartphone browser emulator is a service you use on your Windows PC. It emulates the way consumers use mobile internet services on the phones built in browser. This emulator is great for providing you the real experience of using web services on the mobile Smartphone.

These are just a few samples of ways you can get the most out of your applications with testing. Before releasing your app, you really want to be sure it works well with all mobile phones, looks great, and is easy to use and functional. Depending on your company budget, you can also get outside help with application testing companies. They can provide minor or extensive testing services and give you professional advice on developing the best application for your business.

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