Reasons to Buy a Samsung Netbook Over a Laptop

Unlike a Samsung toner cartridge, which is a necessity for your printer, choosing between a net book and a laptop these days purely depends on your needs and budget. Despite the fact that it’s only been a few year now since the first net book came out, almost everyone is carrying one of these machines.

To say the least, it’s a cool machine that has become popular among users for several reasons. Here are just a few reasons why purchasing a Samsung netbook is better than a laptop:

#1: Lightness

If you need to travel around with your laptop computer a lot, it becomes a pain carrying it around due to its weight (where you feel like a Samsung wall mount). But with netbooks being the lightest machines around, you can be sure that it will be easy to carry it around, especially since some companies such as Dell offer netbooks that weigh one to two kilos at the most.

#2: Price

One of the key factors in buying a netbook is that it costs about $300 or even less to get one of these machines. When this market was very new, manufacturers did not realize that these small machines were anything but a fad, but were doing what laptops did to desktops in replacing them.

#3: Battery Life

One of the most annoying things with laptops is the battery life, as some of the best laptops provide you with only two hours of battery. On the other hand, netbooks are lighter and smaller and need less processing power to run on since the features that are available on normal laptops are omitted here and therefore don’t need as much power. If there’s any computer that can last for a day without electricity in the future, it will most probably be the netbook.