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Keeping up to date on the latest tech trends and news can be a full time job in itself. Instead of stalking the Internet to find out what is currently hot in the tech world, browse a few of the articles we have selected in this post. Staying up to date in the world you are interested in does not have to mean spending hours stalking your favorite tech news sites, a few minutes on here will have you up to date in no time.

Three Popular Mobile App Trends for 2011 – Mobile is where everything is going, that is clearly a given, but where is mobile going? takes a few minutes of your time to lay out just what direction mobile apps will be moving to in the coming year. High points from the article mention a few app trends including photo and video filters, front facing camera apps, and improved access to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Tumblr and more.

How GPS Tracking Can Help You – this article addresses the concerns that most of us have voiced about the continued integration of GPS tracking into our lives and presents the technology, which is relatively new to the civilian market, in a more positive and beneficial light. The article points out some ways that small businesses and individuals can make GPS tracking work for them.

The Best (And Free) Android Apps in 2011 – This great article highlights 5 of the must have apps that are new to the marketplace this year. With android growing in popularity, and the number of apps available for users growing even more, it is helpful to have suggestions of what apps to try out for your phone.