Samsung Wis09abgn Linkstick

The Samsung wis09abgn linkstick is a wireless USB adapter tha tyou can use to give you instant access to InfoLink RSS data, such as weather, sports, news, and stock information, right on  your Samsung TV screen. This linkstick also supports NetFlix, Pandora Radio (USA only), and even streams music and video straight from your computer to your HDTV. It is compatible with a huge range of Samsung LCD, LED and Plasma HDTVs.

If you use a Samsung printer, there will be times you will need to purchase a Samsung toner cartridge. It is always important that you purchase the cartridge that is made for your printer. Make sure you know what model number your printer is, so you can ensure that you purchase the right toner cartridge. Samsung toner cartridges are built to last, depending upon how often you use your printer.

If you  use a Samsun cell phone, you can purchase a Samsung battery charger to keep your phone charged for longer periods of time. A smart phone’s battery can go down very quickly, especially if you are surfing the web or playing a game. Having an extra battery charger, gives you the ability to charge your phone independent of the battery. While the phone is charging, the indicator is red, and when it is fully charged the indicator light turns to green. The Samsung battery charger is small and light, which makes it very portable. You can easily carry it with you just in case your phone needs a quick charge.