Software for an Internet Café

The backbone of a good Internet café is its connection speeds, but the part that keeps customers coming back is the access to great software. Software on the back end can even help these businesses track their customers and make compelling offers to them, while Internet café sweepstakes draw customers in and keep them coming back. Here are just a few examples of software that can help an Internet company succeed.


Customer relationship management apps allow you to collect and manage customer information. Some software specially tailored to cafes may track time a customer spends at a machine, but it will also record data like name and email address. This is useful for businesses hoping to generate long-term revenue through email marketing campaigns. It’s also especially useful for staffing and other back end purposes as well. CRM software can help a business determine predictions and sales goals for the coming year, for instance.


All customers want entertainment and diversion when they come to a café. It may be a new website they like to browse, internet sweepstakes machines, or computer games. If you add this software to your library, and you keep computers that are able to run it well, you should see a boost in customer retention.

Video sweepstakes machines can also be coin-operated terminals that compliment your existing setup. Many cafes use these terminals to cater to older crowds that are less Web literate.

Final Thoughts

It’s also a good idea to include tools that customers might need while they are out and about. A productivity suite with a word processor will draw business from professionals looking to get to meetings on time.