The Amazing, Dancing Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner

Report from CES by Pierre Zarokian

The point of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is for electronics manufacturers to wow you with their latest inventions. This year’s show in Las Vegas didn’t disappoint me, as I saw many gadgets and electronic devices that were simply amazing. However, I want to share with you one item that stood out for me. It certainly grabbed my attention as I was walking the show floor. Then again, you would be interested if you saw a dance floor filled with dancing vacuum cleaners!

What I saw was the display for the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner. In order to grab people’s attention, they had lined up a series of these robotic cleaning devices in the booth, and they were doing a choreographed dance to the music that was playing. It certainly worked for me! I began talking with the company’s staff and found out more about this great product.

The Mint is easily the most advanced automatic floor cleaner available on the market today. It sweeps and mops, and uses a navigation system that is similar to a GPS device in order to ensure that it cleans every spot on the floor. It can handle dirty rugs or gritty hard wood floors easily.

The only thing it can’t do is dance. It turns out that the routine was designed especially for the show and isn’t part of the normal operations of the Mint. (Although the show staff did say they had so many inquiries that they were considering making it a special feature in future versions.) Even without the dancing, the Mint was one of the most amazing items I saw at CES.

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