The Benefits of Adding Navigational Assistance

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car

Imagine that you’re lost at night in unfamiliar territory. People around you speak your language, but it’s late and not many are about. The unfamiliar areas can seem imposing. Vistors to Grand Cayman will fare better with some form of navigation in their rentals. Here are some of the benefits to upgrading your Grand Caymans car rentals with navigation system.

Advanced Notice

When you’re navigating an unfamiliar place, it’s crucial to have some advanced notice of where you’re going. This helps you avoid accidents. You’ve seen people on the road swerving to make an exit because they either didn’t see or didn’t know how the lanes worked. GPS systems in Cayman car rentals help give you the time you need to make a smooth lane change and never miss your destination.

Some GPS systems even feature a readout of the local speed limit. You can get a ticket as a visitor, so you’ll want to avoid adding these excess fees to your trip wherever you can.

Points of Interest

Some GPS units come pre-programmed with points of interest you can follow. Visitors who rent rank everything from restaurants to beach vistas. You can add to the list too! Points of interest can be fun, and will make you feel like you have a Grand Cayman car for hire. Your own personal chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go.

Points of interest are also useful for those early days when you’re still unwinding from the flight and your true itinerary hasn’t kicked in yet. You can jump into the car together, choose a point of interest and explore the island from someone else’s perspective. Grand Cayman doesn’t have a Yelp. The phone book and a few local blogs are the best indications you have to go on, so points of interest can help you find hidden gems you might otherwise miss.

Traffic Updates

Grand Cayman can see surges of traffic depending on construction zones and rush hour times. Local radio can be helpful, but you may have to sit through commercials or music until you get traffic updates. It’s also hard to acquaint oneself in a new city, so the mention of highways or streets may not mean much. Visitors can be unfamiliar with that pacing, so a GPS unit is helpful for planning impromptu trips into the city. Before you set out on your Grand Cayman adventure, make the choice to upgrade to a rental with GPS.