The Perks of Using a Spy Camera

Have you ever had a roommate that claims he or she didn’t take your stuff and forget to return it? Or an annoying sister that swears she didn’t borrow your sweater, even though you are sure that she did? Incidents like this are very common when you live with other people, but unfortunately there isn’t always a way to resolve this type of a dispute between two people. However, with the use of hidden cameras, you may be able to prove that your hunch is, in fact, more than just a hunch.

A spy camera is a small camera that can be hidden in any number of places and used to record a scene in a room or other place. You can then view the footage. The way the footage is viewed depends on the type of camera. Some cameras record the footage to internal film that can then be replayed at a later time, while other camera stream, or transmit, the footage to a computer or other device in another camera. People using this type of camera can view the action in real time.

Some spy cameras are tiny and can be placed in very small items and still remain disguised. They may be hidden in a man’s tie or in a pair of glasses being worn by someone. Other camera are a bit larger but can still be hidden inside of lamps, children’s stuffed animals, or potted plants in order to spy on a person or persons inside the room.