The top tech gadgets as gifts

We are at that time of the year where the Christmas shopping is planned out. Every year there is at least one new must-have gadget that will end up on many shopping lists. This year is no exception. In fact, there are much more this year than previous years. This is partially due to Google’s entrance into the hardware market. Here are some of hottest items.

Macbook Pro with Touch bar

This year’s model is expensive, even when compared to the previous generation. It does, however, come with the all new touch bar. The reviews have not been glowing, but anyone coming up for a replacement of an older model will have to bear with the slight price increase. The model to go for is the 15-inch model with touch bar. It presents the best value.

Google Home

This is Google’s entrant into the voice assistant market. The Amazon Echo already has a couple of years’ head start and will likely maintain the lead for a while. Anyone firmly in the Google ecosystem will seriously consider the purchase, especially at $129.

Google Pixel

It is not the perfect phone by any means. It carries a premium price tag and lacks waterproofing and memory card slots. Anyone who has used it for any length of time has come to love it. It could be the completely stock Android experience or it could be the optimized speed. Regardless it could sell well in excess of what Google would expect for its first solo foray into the smartphone market.