There Is A Big Difference In HD

Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale

I have been an NFL football fan ever since I can remember. Back in those days I had a small black and white television that was made by General Electric which I still have to this day. I use a digital open air attenae for it and can still pick up the local Fox, NBC, and CBS stations for football but there is nothing better than watching football in high definition on Directv.

With the NFL playoffs going on, there is nothing better than watching the games in high definition television. I have a HD DVR satellite reciever and the best thing is that I can watch the game and then quickly rewind to catch a play and still not miss beat as I can return it back and pick up the action where I left off. The games have been actioned pack so far over the Wild Card weekend as there were upsets with the Jets beating the Colts, the Seahawks beating the defending Super Bowl Champs in the Saints, and somewhat of a small upset with the Packers beating the Eagles in Philly.

Ever since I got this new HD television and reciever sports have been a whole lot better to watch and I am looking to watch a lot more NFL playoffs in the years to come.