Tylt Energi Review: Backup Battery & Charger For Cell Phones

It’s sleek, it’s compact, and it will completely charge your cellphone even when there’s nary an electrical socket in sight. Meet TYLT’s Energi. This nifty travel charger with built-in battery will save you many hassles, especially during those times when you’re already feeling harried. Think back to the last time you had to endure a longer-than-expected stay at an airport terminal and every single socket you could locate remained occupied, uninterruptedly, the whole time you waited for your flight to arrive.

If you had packed the Energi, the handsome gadget, that’s thicker than a credit card but hardly longer than one, would have given your smartphone a full charge-up without the need to awkwardly ask a fellow traveler if he minded ceasing to be a socket-hogger for just a few minutes while you charged your phone. It also only weighs 3.8 ounces so it won’t be bulking up your carry-ons.

As a backup rechargeable battery pack combined with a rapid home charger, the Energi makes a smart addition to your techie trove. It has a high-capacity internal 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery that can deliver one full charge to a smartphone, one-third charge to a 7” tablet, or twelve full charges to a Bluetooth headset.

The Energi is efficiently designed. It comes with AC prongs that fold away very nicely and no tangle-y or bulky cords. Instead, there’s a micro-USB charging cable that’s fashioned as a flexible foldaway arm. Its female USB charging socket is universal, giving you ample leeway to charge just about any popular wireless device. So, if you happen to carry two smartphones on a regular basis, or want to give a battery boost to both your iPhone and Kindle — the Energi will let you charge both of them at once.

And when you’re ready to boost the Energi’s own battery reserve, just plug it into a wall outlet. If you connect another device to the Energi while it’s being juiced up on the wall, you can charge both your backup battery and whatever device you connect to it. A button and light on the Energi’s body lets you know easily how much power is available. Unused charge remains stored for one year year.