Using a GPS in Cayman Islands

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car

If you plan to visit the Cayman Islands, you have a few options to get around. Bus is the cheapest aside from walking, but it can take a long time to arrive at your destination. Walking isn’t viable past your hotel, as most attractions are at least a few miles from where you’re likely to stay. A car rental in Grand Cayman is one of the better options, but you still need to know where you’re going. Many rentals offer GPS units, but it’s helpful to know how to operate one before you hit the road.

Update Maps

GPS units rely on digital maps that are updated by users and administrators as time goes on. Early maps, like an old Thomas Guide, aren’t likely to reflect the current changes to Cayman Islands. Developments on Seven Mile Beach, for example, may not appear in older maps. If you plan to use GPS with Grand Caymans car rentals, be sure to update the map of the island you’re staying on. This will show you new roads, if any have been developed, and help you navigate the streets with improved accuracy.

Update Firmware

The device has an operating system that runs more or less efficient depending on how old it is. Some newer maps may not be compatible with old firmware, and old firmware can cause problems when you attempt to update. Plus, there may be features available in newer editions that do not exist in old firmware. Running an update only takes a few minutes, and usually requires nothing more than an Internet or computer connection.

Download and Create Points of Interest

You can use the GPS inside your car rental for Cayman Islands to record interesting destinations around town. Use this feature to record restaurants you might want to visit one last time before you leave, or places where a certain event will happen at a later date. You might also want to record your favorite places, so you have a record of where they are next time you return.

Final Thoughts

GPS is a reliable way to get around the city, especially now that more companies are offering Cayman Island maps. You may also find so-called open source maps online, but be wary that they may not come with turn-by-turn instructions. Overall, if you plan to drive a rental car in Grand Cayman, you should equip yourself with an updated and reliable GPS unit.