Why More Marketers are Leaving Facebook for Display Advertising

Written by Ted Dhanik.

There are many obstacles standing in the way of effective display advertising:

  • Growing inventory means more competition
  • Cluttered space on websites may lower CTR on well-performing ads
  • Networks that lack segmentation end up by the wayside

Therefore, choosing a traffic source is equally as important as choosing an effective ad. The truth is that banner advertising is not dead, but there are marketers leaving the space daily. But smart marketers are still netting huge returns from their banners. So what is the difference?

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates for display advertising can far surpass the rates of search, if you know what to look for in your creative. Facebook put a dent in banner advertising with its system of demographic targeting, but more ad networks are catching up to this trend. Facebook’s ability to segment audiences was the best for its time, but ad networks now offer services like demographic and location-based targeting.

The most important lesson for any marketer to learn is not to rely on one source of traffic.


With SEO, you risk higher bounce rates. Search marketing doesn’t allow you to incorporate rich media into your ads. Only display advertising lets you adjust who sees your ads based on context and demographics. Networks allow marketers to apply their research and gain conversions, like geographic location or interests.

These targeting methods help to narrow down your audience and increase conversions. The closer you get to your ideal, the less you will spend per click because your audience will be more motivated to buy.

Going Viral

There are now more options for marketers to go viral than ever before. The hashtag is a good example. Marketers can utilize hash tags to tap into existing conversations and draw more users in through organic techniques. The trouble is that going viral is now a trend, so the space is saturated. Display ads allow marketers to test creative that works, while improving a campaign with the intention of pushing it viral.

Facebook Decline

The decline of Facebook certainly plays a role in the reemergence of display advertising. With teens and young adults leaving the site in record numbers, marketers are running out of people to sell to. These changes also signal people’s interest in other networks, further fragmenting advertising campaigns. Banner ads offer a convenient fix to this issue by offering the same ad space on websites that are highly trafficked.

Ted Dhanik has been in sales for the past fifteen years. The experience of Ted Dhanik and his team at engage:BDR has been a boon for businesses in the direct marketing space. For tips on how to improve the conversions for your campaigns, visit Ted Dhanik online.