3 Google Docs Apps That Can Add Value to Your Work

Even if Microsoft Office will never be on par with Google Docs, there are a number of features that add value to the ease and simplicity that comes with this set of apps.

That said, here are 3 apps that bear testament to this fact:

#1: Research Tool

Apart from Google’s search function, this tool offers a quick citation system. You can launch the tool by clicking on Tools and then Research. Keyboard shortcuts include Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I on a PC while on a Mac, it is Ctrl-Command-Shift-l.

When you open the tool, it is first blank but begins to offer suggestions based on what you’ve been writing so far. This tool has seven search options namely: Everything, Quotes, Dictionary, Personal and Tables.

#2: Sheets

There are a number of features that you can work with using Google’s Sheets even if you prefer Windows Excel. Probably the simplest feature involves being able to create charts very simply and quickly. For this, select Insert>Chart.

Another interesting feature includes the ability to create a map based on location data that is available. For example, if you have population data, you can visually represent this. To create this, click on Charts and Map.

#3: Google Hangouts

When you’re working together on a project, you shouldn’t omit using Google Hangouts. Google has already built Apps-specific widgets into Hangouts that will allow a team to video chat while a file is being edited. For this, you can launch a video hangout and click on the Drive icon on the left-side of the screen.