How to Reach New Consumers Through Retargeting

Retargeting is commonly thought of as a method to re-target customers that have already seen our ads. This is a correct way of looking at things, but it fails to take into account how your retargeting can reach new segments of an audience. The better your efforts targeting segments that want to see your ads, the better developed your retargeting lists will become. This effectively cuts the costs on every new conversion your display advertising campaigns pick up as a result of retargeting.

Set Targeting

Begin with the adjustments you can make to your live campaigns. Adjust for everything from gender to income level. Try hyper localization too, even opening multiple campaigns to test response rates in different parts of the country. Day parting won’t help you here, but you can still target by keyword and interest. Once you’ve developed a few campaigns with very specific targeting settings, focus on bidding high enough to maintain a strong ad rank. Fine tune to increase conversions as you go, because your retargeting list will continue to accumulate customers as you work.

Deploy Targeted Banner Advertising

Retargeting is like any other campaign. It’s a second chance at reaching customers, so you need to consider what worked or did not work the first time around. Try highlighting certain benefits or a particular product. This is your chance to show off the very best your company has to offer, so consider retargeting like a form of branding and make sure to put your best foot forward.