5 Mac Apps That You Should Pay For

it’s only been two years now that the Mac App store has been offering almost 16,000 apps. Without question, there are a number of apps that can help you do just about anything better.

While a number of these apps are free, there are a number of them that are worth paying for.

With that said, here are 5 Mac apps that you should pay for:

#1: Pages

With almost 180 templates to choose from, Pages is a frugal alternative to Microsoft Word costing only $19.99. Not only can you save your work as Word documents but also Page documents. You can also export the document to the PDF format.

#2: Disk Doctor

It is the top-rated app at the App Store and has been designed for the simple purpose of determining as to how much space is being used on your hard drive. It costs only $1.99.

#3: 1Password

As the name suggests, it is a password-protecting and autofill service. So, whenever you visit a site, it will generate and autofill the password while also encrypting your data with a single password. It costs $49.99.

#4: iA Writer

Costing only $5, the app, iA Writer, is well worth the price. Two things that stand out when using this app: it is minimalistic and user-friendly. One can make use of the Focus feature mode which blocks out the background so that people can write distraction-free.

#5: Live Wallpaper

You can doll up your desktop by using Live Wallpaper. With 24 official wallpaper themes, you have access to hundreds more that have been created by the community. Along with a completely customizable wallpaper background, you have access to a clock and a location-specific weather forecast. It costs only $0.99.