Attention to Detail

A manual canoe, with the kayak and oar can become tedious, which is why a lot more prefer using a boat with a mechanical motor, making it much easier.

Though it’s a convenience, it can become quite a hassle when your outboard motor starts to stall. Some think that it’s just easier if you just replace the whole thing altogether, which can become costly; but there are actually much more cheaper alternatives, such as selectively replacing your marine outboard parts – be it just the stern drive, transom plates, or the entire engine – just make sure that you replace them with genuine parts so as not to compromise the integrity of your system.

Mercruiser sterndrives for example, have different models based on the year that they were produced, which mean that there are different parts are suitable for different models – like how those made in 1973 and earlier have short shift throw drives, which are incompatible with the drives from 1974 and later. They also have different generation alpha drives, whose differences are usually to the detail, such as upper and lower housing having been bolted (2nd generation) and put together by studs (1st generation).

Some don’t know how to figure this out and end up buying and installing the wrong parts, which may lead to a more hassling experience. It’s always best to look up the year model of your outboard motor so that retailers may properly help you pick out and install the necessary components.