Advantages of hosting at a data center

2Written by Rack Alley

When a company grows they always end up facing the same choice when it comes to hosting their website, build or buy? Smaller businesses will have some form of in house web server where they hosted the website, but as time and traffic grows, so does the bandwidth and resource requirement. This is where the advantages of using a la data center provider comes in:


As the website usage increases so do the requirements when it comes to bandwidth and connectivity. Data center providers will be able to provide more bandwidth and better connectivity options when compared to in house options at lower cost. The providers buy bandwidth and power at wholesale rates and pass that cost benefit down to the customer.


One of the biggest advantages of using a data center is the 24 hour support. Most data centers have staff available around the clock to troubleshoot or deal with equipment issues. This is not possible or simply too costly for anyone to do in house. You will get peace of mind that any issues out of office hours will be handled.


As your requirements grow, so will your need for more and more server storage or power. In house that will require server upgrades and costly downtime. With a data center provider an upgrade is just a matter of provisioning more resources to your server along with a corresponding increase in rental.


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