How to get started with home automation

anextekHome automation used to be limited to people who had a lot of technical knowledge. Standards like X10 were both difficult to implement and required a lot of work to get them working. Not anymore. Thanks to smart and connected home devices, home automation is now possible for anyone. Here is how to get started:


The first step is to figure out what needs to be automated. Light bulbs, switches, thermostat, garage doors etc. The list should also contain any appliances that will need to be connected in the future. This will allow you to future proof whatever equipment you buy as there are many competing standards that might not work with each other. In addition none of the hubs support all of the standards and to make matters more confusing there are different versions of the same standards.

The Hub

To get all of these devices working seamlessly, add the standards that each device supports to your list. Now look at all available home automation hubs and match the standards that the devices support against those of the hubs. Now you know which hubs support your devices. Alternatively you could look at a device like the Amazon Echo which is voice controlled and look at buying devices that are supported.

Some of the devices might require professional installation but for most devices like bulbs and sensors, installation will be straightforward. The best way is to get the hub and start small and connect just a few devices at the start and then build from there.