Audio Visual Integration For Your Company

Console furniture helps keep your office clean, organized, and clutter-free. In doing this, it is proven that employees are able to focus better and stay on task. This furniture can be customized to fit your desired work environment and its appeal. Available in wood or steel, this console furniture may be personalized to fit your company and your staff’s personal needs. These consoles can accommodate appropriate office technology, such as heavy monitors, processors, keyboards, mice, phones, books, and other office paraphernalia. These components are cut, drilled, laminated, and finished using computer operated machinery. This allows for the furniture to be measured precisely so that the fit and look is flawless.

Audio visual integration is helpful for companies that heavily rely on technology. These screens are available in LCD and DLP large screen displays with a choice of size, ranging from 40 inches to 67 inches. This large screen display is helpful in maintaining this high quality. These systems have high resolution and quality and may be allowed to be in operation 24 hours a day. Multi-lamp optical installation allows for consistent use with little to no downtime. Front and rear view access allows for easy set up and service. Touch panels are also available for these monitors which allows for convenience and quick access for this audio video design. These display cubes require little flow space and have a low rear clearance. This keeps your office less cluttered and makes these products easy to transport.