Do You Have a Thing For Ge Breakers?

If you have a serious thing for electric wiring and ge breakers, then maybe considering a possible career in electrical engineering would be something to do.  If you have a thing for all different types of breakers, from Westinghouse breakers to sell circuit breakers, then getting out of your day job at Starbucks and into a suit and tie working for a large engineering firm is just the kind of thing you need to do.  Because you have a talent for something that not many people are interested in any more, and that is a very marketable quality.  Believe it or not, if you can get into college, it would be well worth the time and money to go from an hourly wage to a seriously impressive salary, in four years’ time – or less if you work harder than the average student.  So let’s get to looking into the college requirements for this year for some of the colleges that you would like to go to.  Usually they require a set of SAT scores, GPA from high school, or a GED, and an application form complete with personal information and an essay. 

 So if you are really ready for college application, the first thing that you need to do is go to visit some schools and decide which ones that you would prefer.  Once you make your decision, then it’s time to begin the application process.