CES 2012 Report and Product Reviews

CES 2012 Crowd
Article by Pierre Zarokian

Me and one of our staff members just got back from CES 2012 in Las Vegas and a have a lot of product reviews that will be posted in the next couple of weeks. The show was amazing and amazingly huge. 150,00 people were there and with 2 of us there in 2 days we were still not able to see the whole thing.

This year it seemed there were many more booth babes than ever. Please see some of the picture of these hot booth girls here.

This year like the past 3 years 3D TV was a hot topic. Other hot products included tablet PC’s and cell phone accessories. There were also plenty of new interesting gadgets, like: small vibrating speakers that made a bass sound when placed on large empty cardboard box or a wooden shelf; Gloves that let you use your touch screen phone; Screen that went in front of your laptop to make it 3D Capable and more. “Anything” wireless was also a hot topic, such as Wireless Speakers from several companies like Altec Lansing and Wiresless IP Security Cameras.

Rapper 50 Cent was also there with his new headphone company called SMS Audio, which also had a wireless version.

checkout our report on these bendable/wearable speakers.

Please stay tuned for our more detailed posts as well as videos in the next few days.