Facebook vs. Google – A Comparison

Facebook has about 800 million users while Google+ has only about 90 million users, but there’s more to the social media services that they provide than the numbers suggest.

Even though Google+ isn’t anywhere close to Facebook in terms of the number of users, there are, in fact, several reasons why you just cannot count out Google+ as a competitor.

Firstly, when it comes to design, Google+ has been considered by experts to be simpler and consistent especially when it comes to navigation, where Facebook has its Friend lists and chat tool all cramped in the left column.

When it comes to posting, both Google+ and Facebook are just as easy to use if you want to share information with people on your friend’s list or Circles.

As for sharing media, Facebook is hardly the place to store high quality pictures but since Google+ allows you to link to pictures on Picasa along with the ability to play videos in HD, most experts consider this to be a win again for Google+.

While both these social media applications offer their users a way to create friends list, Facebook goes one step further by creating “Smart Lists” by default. It automatically groups together people you worked with or went to school with to create a smart list, while for its “Circles” feature, Google+ hasn’t come up with anything like this.

Both services also offer chat and video messaging in an identical fashion but with Google+, you can take this feature one step further by inviting your more than one friend to a Hangout, where everyone can see everyone else.

Finally, considering the time that Facebook has had to evolve, it’s obvious that they’re the winner hands-down when it comes to the entertainment past considering a plethora of games as opposed to just 30 on Google+.

Overall, it’s not surprising that Google+ is ahead of Facebook for more reasons than not.