How AC Makes the Internet Possible


Most of us depend on a whole host of modern conveniences to get through the day. This might involve anything from cars and public transport to the smartphones we keep nearby at all times. Those are just a few examples though. There’s a long list of products and devices we should count ourselves very lucky to be able to benefit from.

Perhaps the most obvious of these, though, is the World Wide Web. If you’re honest with yourself, you probably access the Internet no less than a dozen times a day. Having a smartphone has made this all too easy.

However, it may surprise you that, without air conditioning, the Internet would be impossible. It’s true.

See, every website is housed on a server. This is just a computer designed to remember all of a site’s features. As you can imagine, the rooms that contain all of these servers can become quite hot. Without a server room air conditioner to bring the temp back down, these vital machines would overheat, quit working and bring the Internet down with them.

Thanks to advancements in industrial air conditioning, you can surf the web all day with confidence knowing that server rooms aren’t constantly at risk of overheating and these important machines crashing.