The Importance of Having a Portable Power Supply

Read below to find out why you need a portable power supply as an aircraft owner.

epic-lt-53200If you are considering owning a small aircraft of your own, then it’s important to know that you’re going to need a portable power pack to maintain its power. In airports, you might notice that there are two types of power units available for an aircraft. One type is a fixed unit and the other is a mobile power unit. These units are important to a plane because once the engines are shut down; the aircraft is still getting power generated to it from the unit itself.

An aircraft typically generates power on its own, with the help of an additional power supply; its engines can take a breather and let the generator do the work instead. These power supplies are made by a variety of companies and can supply anything from a 24 volt power supply up to 400 Hz.

Having an aircraft ground power unit handy allows you to provide DC and/or AC power while your aircraft is parked on the ground. It can be used to help start the engine, perform maintenance, or supply the aircraft with power. Many power units in the airport utilize a diesel or gas to help supply the power, but the smaller portable units tend to have a generator in itself.

Before you shop around for a specific power unit, make sure that it meets your aircraft’s specific power requirements. This can be done by checking your model. Your aircraft should only be powered with the right power unit or there can be issues that can cause harm to either you or your plane.