The Best for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the latest entrant into the new smartwatch category. There have been Android watches around for sometime now but all eyes were on Apple as they unveiled their watch. Thanks to an already healthy developer base, there are some great apps available for the Apple Watch.


Dark Sky

This is a very good hyper-local weather app. Apples own built in Weather app is good, but if you want weather for a very specific location then this is the one for you.


Although it may seem counter intuitive to use a calculator on the small watch screen, that is exactly what this app is. It is surprisingly useful and is perfect when you want make a quick calculation but do not want to pull out your phone and look for the calculator app.


This is a much better calendar app than Apples native calendar. In addition it is the only way to get iCloud calendar reminders on your watch. Which is surprising considering that would be a primary use of the watch. You can also see your appointments on the watch face.


This is probably one of the most obvious use cases for a watch app. If you haven’t tried it already on your phone, Shazam is an app that listens to music that is playing and can tell you the song name and artist after a few seconds. Now you can just launch the phone app without quickly trying to get your phone out of your pocket.

This list will only get better in the near future. Apple released the newest watch SDK that now allows third party developers to build native watch apps. That will greatly improve the quality and performance of the apps available.