How to Clear Your Browsing History on the Three Most Used Browsers

Clearing out your browsing history and cookies has been made easier. The biggest benefit that it has to offer is that it can stop advertisers keeping track of the sites that you visit.

However, for this, you need a more permanent solution when it comes to clearing your cookies and browsing history.

So, this is how you make it happen automatically on the three most-used web browsers:

#1: Internet Explorer

Click the gear icon and then select Internet Options. Now select the General Tab and check the box ‘Delete browsing history on exit” located in the Browsing History section. You can also click the Delete button to customize which settings are removed every time Internet Explorer is closed.

#2: Chrome

Click on the hamburger icon and select Settings, Show Advanced Settings and Privacy. Also, click the Content Settings button. Now, in the next window, and under Cookies, click the radio button that says “Keep local data only until you quit your browser”. Click “Done” and close the settings tab. And we’re done.

#3: Firefox

First, click on the hamburger icon located in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings, Show Advanced Settings and then Privacy. Now, under History select the drop-down menu next to the “Firefox will:” and then select “Use Custom Settings for history”. Now, a number of check boxes will appear for which, most of the defaults should be fine but remember to change the dropdown menu next to “Keep until:”. For this option, change the setting to / close Firefox.

Also, you can choose to clear history and cookies when you close Firefox and which isn’t selected by default. Click OK and you’re done.